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Note the Cylon Tiara...

I’ve been working with the Causality team (Glynis and Montoure) for a few months, and as tends to happen after the very early, initial stages of a project pass,  the dynamics have changed a bit. We now know a little more about each other’s skills and abilities, and what our level of commitment to the project is. The initial excitement and euphoria of “We’re going to do this!” has passed, and we’re now in the “We actually have to take care of a million things so we can do this!” phase. That’s where a lot of good ideas go to die, but I’m proud to say that is not the case for Causality. Everyone is committed to making this a success, and despite personal tragedies (read Glynis’ posts “Everything Happens for a Reason” and “The Past” if you’re not sure what I mean), the stress of a day job (Montoure) and the stress of lacking a day job (me), we are staying on track and moving forward. When I look back now (it already seems longer ago than it was since so much has happened), I realize that we were all probably a little skeptical of one another, and if this partnership could work.

So, as I wrote in “Tales From the First Promo”, around the time we were shooting the promos, we had not all proven ourselves yet. We had been working it on Twitter for about 2 months, trying to get people to know about Causality-but there was nothing for anyone who was interested to see yet. We made some connections, learned a lot about our competition, and started some buzz, but didn’t have any real product. The domain name was bought, but nothing was there except “Coming December 2011”. Not exactly the thing to get people coming back for more.

While we were shooting the promos, Montoure was starting to work on the site. This was another fortuitous thing about this project, something I have never experienced before: All of our key people have different, complementary skills, and don’t want to step on each other’s toes. In my past experiences, I’ve seen projects derailed because everyone wants to do what someone else is doing and they end up sabotaging one another. That’s not the case here, we are all fulfilling the roles that we aspire to, and support the others in they roles they are fulfilling. Let me say again, that’s REALLY rare, and I feel very lucky to be working under these circumstances.

Anyway, in addition to being a kickass writer, Montoure is a graphic designer and web designer, so he was tasked with setting up the site. I for one was incredibly anxious to see what he’d do, since I couldn’t wait to get a promo up and see how it was received. I also had ideas about what the site should include, but absolutely no idea how to design it. Just as he had to trust me to direct, I had to trust him to develop the place that will be the project’s home for what we hope to be a very long time.

Once I saw what he did with the logo, I was a LOT less worried. He designed a simple, intriguing logo that is instantly recognizable, and references something in the story (time travel is one-way, into the past.) And let’s not ignore the fact that it looks really cool! This would help create interest in the show and the site, so we were one big step further along to having something people would want to see. Then he designed another symbol, the “Temporal Instability” mark that Mason draws in the alley in the first promo. Another simple, awesome symbol that would add to the mythology and visual interest of the show. (Side note: Montoure also made Mason’s gun, which until he showed up with it one day, I had no idea he could do. Pretty cool, huh? And I see from one of his recent posts- “Giving Props”, he’s making another prop that we’ll be using in the episodes. Can’t wait to see it!)

Back to the website…after what seemed like a while (as I mentioned, he had to find time to design around a time and energy consuming day job), one day the site was up! I was thrilled to see his simple but stylish creation, and was even more committed to making the promos worthy of being seen there. Again, I felt lucky that someone actually pulled off what they said they could do, and was really glad to be working with these people. (Can you sense I’ve been burned by trusting people I worked with before? Duh.) So, with lots of behind the scenes work by Montoure, we had a site, and it was up to me to deliver the finished promos. But first, it was up to Glynis to do some serious acting in the cold. My next post will tell more about that excursion…

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