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Almost forgot I needed to write a blog post tonight. Glynis and I are trading blogging shifts — my original shift turned out not to work well for me after all because I have a weekly meeting at my day job Wednesday mornings. (I work in web development, in case you were wondering. Then I also make sites like this one in my spare time. It’s kind of a thing.)  ”Tonight” is a relative term, mind you — I’m actually writing this Sunday night in order to have it ready to post Monday morning.  It’s my own little bit of time-shifting.

We didn’t end up having a production meeting today. There was a slight miscommunication on our part, where Glynis and Ralph thought we were having a meeting and I thought we weren’t, so I’d made other plans. I felt kind of bad about it, but it turned out to actually be for the best, I think — part of those plans took me to a thrift store, where I found a neat object that I think will end up forming the basis for a fairly major prop. I can’t stop playing with it. (Part of the reason I took to making science fiction props in the first place, I think, is that I never quite grew out of having toys. Now I just make my own.) So if I hadn’t gone there tonight, I wouldn’t have found this. Like one of our slogans says, everything happens for a reason.

We’ve rescheduled the meeting for tomorrow, and unless this doesn’t work out well for him for whatever reason, it sounds like Gabriel Sedgemore, our actor who will be playing Mason, will be joining us. I’m looking forward to that — I’ve actually only met him once, the evening he first picked up the script of the first episode, did a table read for it with no prior knowledge of the story or the character, and absolutely nailed the part the first try. It was really exciting to see an actor immediately get what we were trying to do with the character, and I’m looking forward to working with him.

Which I suppose means we should really get the rest of these scripts written . . . . Mind you, having that important piece of casting out of the way has been very helpful in writing episodes. When I write dialogue for Mason now, my idea of the character has been very much informed by that first read-through, by the mannerisms and tone of voice he brings to it. I hope he finds it as much of a pleasure to play as it has been to write it with him in mind.

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