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Busy weekend. (Not as busy as last weekend, but I’ll tell you about that in a minute.) I put together the pitch video for a Kickstarter project for a non-profit I do occasional promotional-material design work for — I’m doing this partly because I want the project to succeed, naturally, but also partly because CAUSALITY may well go the Kickstarter route for some of our funding, so I’m doing this for practice. I should find out if Kickstarter approves this project in a day or two, so hopefully I’ll have more to say about it next time.

I also finally launched the redesign of my personal site, Bloodletters, so if you’ve been curious about the horror fiction I write, now’s a great time to check that out, now that it isn’t hopelessly out-of-date any more. I’m going to be blogging there regularly, as well — posting here has helped me get into the blogging habit.

Except when I don’t manage to post at all, mind you. Last weekend, I was in Los Angeles for Gallifrey One, the big Doctor Who convention. I may have mentioned, once or twice or maybe constantly, that Doctor Who is my favorite television series of all time, and my one real obsession. I’d never been to one of the big cons before, and it was fantastic — easily the best science-fiction convention I’ve ever been to. Lots of great costumes, incredibly enthusiastic and wonderfully friendly fans. I feel like I’ve just made 2,200 new friends.

Since I figured that Doctor Who fans might well have reason to be interested in other time travel stories, I had some postcards promoting CAUSALITY printed up and brought them down with me to leave stacks of them out in conspicuous places around the hotel. They look great, I was really pleased with them, and people definitely took an interest — the stacks gradually diminished over the weekend, and I had to keep replenishing them.

The most gratifying moment of my weekend was finally getting to meet long-time Internet friend Tara O’Shea, and handing her one of the postcards and having her exclaim, “Oh, this is your project!” So, people did take notice, which is nice. I don’t know if any of that has translated directly into more hits here on the website, but it’s at least getting the name out there.

Now to ramp up our promotional efforts in time for Norwescon. Hopefully we’ll be able to get one of the lobby tables so we can sit and talk to people about the show all weekend. We haven’t heard back from them for sure yet, but we’ve at least been pointed in the right direction for who to ask, so keep your fingers crossed for us.

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Feb 28, 2011
9:48 am
#1 Ralph Fontaine :

LOVE that you gave out Causality postcards at the convention! That’s is a great step towards branching out to new levels of awareness of the show and site! Hope we get lots of new friends from that!

Feb 28, 2011
10:18 am
#2 Glynis Mitchell :

As ambivalent as I am about cons (I get weird in crowds!) I’m sad that I can’t be at the table for Norwescon. I’m glad you had fun, excited to see you and catch up this week!

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