I admit it…

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…I totally forgot that it was Wednesday today.

I goofed off, Time Travelers. I really did. I’ll post a nice, long, juicy post for you tomorrow, but yesterday I:

got up

made breakfast

did a bunch of research for Causality (t-shirts! podcast! I am prepared!)

But from there it all went downhill:

I drove the Chef to work

drove my best friend to work (PS: I don’t usually drive)

picked up a check

had a tiny anxiety attack

didn’t drive for a minute

took some serotonin precursors (I am “burned-out, stressed-out, [and] emotionally labile”; thanks, Biogenesis!)

chilled out enough to drive

went to Buffalo Exchange and bought a red dress for work

went to Trader Joe’s and bought chicken, hummus, and coffee

went home

cuddled with the cat while I played Fable 3

got dressed pretty because, dammit, I need to dance this out!

walked the pug

picked up the Chef (I was late)

went to The Night Kitchen and said hey to the staff and some whiskey gingers with lime

went to 80′s night at Noc Noc

ran into folks from long, long ago (dude, black lipstick? that’s a change…)

learned that the Chef still skanks like a frakkin rude boy to EVERYTHING that is not Lady Gaga

went back to The Night Kitchen and said hey to some fries and house-made sauces (OMG the mustard!)

went home

…and that was that. So…yeah. Please enjoy your day. I’ll see you tomorrow.

EDIT: I put tags on this thing. Nuts.

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