Promo 2 Diary: Montoure Sprains his ankle, Glynis shows her Badass side, and Alcohol is consumed by all

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At a meeting not long ago, Montoure said something along the lines of “When I originally conceived the idea for Causality, I figured it would be shot really simply with me and the actors taking turns running a consumer camera, then I’d learn to edit it using windows moviemaker or something, and maybe we’d show a few friends who are into stories like it.” (I apologize if I’ve misquoted the exact words, but I think I got the gist of the statement.) That’s where the idea started, but now it’s taken on a whole new life. Some more very talented people are involved, we need to raise a larger budget than originally planned, and we’ve started to draw together a community of people who have expectations and are waiting for us to get the episodes out. In my opinion, this means the idea has merit and people really resonate with it. They want to add parts of themselves to it. This does change Causality from what Montoure originally thought it would be, but as long as we assemble the right team (and I think we have) the collaboration will only make it better.

In my last post, “Amazing, I’m Working with People who can Actually do what They Say they Can”, I talked about how we didn’t initially know what each other could do. Well, Montoure rocked the site, the logo, and Mason’s Gun, but Glynis hadn’t yet had her moment.

Around Christmas time, we were set to shoot the Holly promo which was much more complicated than the shorter Mason Promo. This one had several locations and more actors. No big deal under most circumstances, but we were still working with little support, no permit, at night, and fighting Holiday crowds in the places we wanted to shoot. In addition, Glynis, who provided the only production support we had on Mason’s promo, was the actress in this one, so we wouldn’t have her help.

We got off to a VERY rocky start…Montoure, who had agreed to come help out, sprained his ankle hurrying to set with some costume pieces. Glynis was in a bad mood because she’d had a rough day, and I was really worried that the consumer camera we were using would not do well in the low light. I really wished we had Director of Photography Brian Liepe, his cameras and lights for this one, but we didn’t. We’d have to make do.

The first thing that turned things around was one of those random chance occurrences that sometimes happen on productions that end up making the shoot. We noticed some Christmas carolers outside a store, and I mentioned how cool it would be to have carolers in the shoot. Glynis and Montoure said, “So ask them.” I’m not known for my outgoing side with people I don’t know, but I did it, and luckily the singers were into it. In fact, they were really excited to be a part of the show, so they followed us to our location and started talking about what they would sing. (With me making sure they settled on something in the public domain, of course!)

Glynis put her bad day aside and really brought the multiple emotions Holly felt at waking up in a time and place she didn’t expect to life. She also handled the cold amazingly well, using it to deepen her performance rather than allowing it to detract from it. Once again, no cops kicked us out of our locations, and though we got some weird looks from passers by, no one wrecked our shots. (In fact, if you look closely behind Holly when she bumps into the guy with presents, you’ll see a great reaction from a random mom with her kid). We got things done relatively quickly again (though it might not have felt like it to Glynis, who had to be in the freezing winter temperatures in a light summer sundress for the whole time.)

Afterwards, we went to a bar (The Night Kitchen, of course, our production’s home away from home) to unwind, and I couldn’t stop myself from sitting there watching the footage on the camera’s tiny screen. I was convinced you wouldn’t be able to see anything, and that Montoure’s sprained ankle (he stuck around and helped a lot despite the ankle, by the way) and Glynis’ freezing would have been for naught. Glynis and Montoure watched over my shoulder, and were actually happy with what they saw, which made me feel much better about it. I decided that with a little correction (like some brightening and effects in editing), we could make this work after all. Promo 2, was in the can, and another member of the team (Glynis) had proven herself to be AWESOME!

Oh yeah, regarding Glynis being a badass: Sometime you should ask her how she dealt with a couple of transients who came up to her during the shoot. I’ll say this much: You don’t want to piss her off…

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Feb 4, 2011
9:48 am

One minor correction — I *thought* at the time I just sprained the ankle, but my doctor wanted me to get an MRI to be sure . . . . And it turned out I actually tore the ligament in my Achilles tendon! That’s why I’ve been wearing the walking cast to keep my ankle immobilized ever since. Fun! Oh, well, as Glynis pointed out — at least the first on-set injury happened to someone with insurance . . . .

Feb 4, 2011
10:07 am
#2 Glynis Mitchell :

At least one of those guys wasn’t homeless. After working at Pike Place Market, I’ve gotten really good at telling people firmly to not harass me. I get harassed and catcalled on the street a lot. I am over it. :(

I also got a lot of passersby telling me that I looked cold. SPOILER: I was fucking freezing. The worst was lying on the ground in the alley in front of the vent that blew cold air. A couple of Justin’s hot toddies fixed that!

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