Digital postcard #3: in which I sleep.

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I didn’t really do much the past couple days (it’s a vacation! I can sleep any time I want!) but I did see a play at the fabulous BATS Theatre with my cousin Dave, who also works in theater and film.

Once a year they do a horror fest called STAB.

But the day before or so I visited the Roxy Cinema, which has recently been restored to polished-wood-and-brass glory by Jamie Selkirk and Sir Richard Taylor of Miramar/Weta.

That's real light, not digital light! *ding!*

The best part, though, was the art, particularly the giant mural on the ceiling:

This doesn’t even come close to how beautiful it really is. Check out some details here:

But the big guy is my favorite. Artistically, I love how the ceiling vents were incorporated into the design of the robot.

I’ll post some of the brass statues later, but that’s enough for now. I have some real writing to do, and a bit of a wander followed by lunch downtown. The weather’s been (apparently unusually) beautiful, so I’m going to go enjoy it. Take care, Time Travelers!

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