“When we meet on a cloud/I’ll be laughing out loud”

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You may have heard by now: my father has died. I wrote briefly about him and his illness in January.

When we — artists, writers — talk about grief, particularly fresh grief, it’s nearly impossible to write anything that’s not alienatingly personal. Joan Didion notwithstanding, most memoirs of people’s lives after the death of a loved one are terrible. As in not good. To that end…I tried to have something to say, but right now I don’t. Maybe later. It doesn’t really matter, anyway: what I have to say about grief is more useful to you in a script that gets made into a show that gets put on the internet that you put in your eyes. Anything else is just masturbatory, except for the obituary, which I keep putting off. I don’t think it’s as important right now to force myself to write a good one as it is to process. Dad would feel the same way.

I’m taking off to go visit Dad’s family in New Zealand today. I’ll be back in a while, but in the meantime we have a “minisode” to edit for you guys. It’s our first one with dialogue, the first one on the good cameras…and it’s a great introduction to some of the backstory of Causality. I’ll be corresponding as much as I can from the southern hemisphere, so stay tuned! I’m spending quiet time in cafes in Wellington (writing for you guys, of course), but also checking out scenery on the South Island, wine country in the North Island, and I’m definitely going to Hobbiton! I promise to send the Time Travelers digital postcards of the Shire in autumn on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you all for the support that you’ve shown me over the past few weeks, and this year, and thanks to my friends and my Causality family. I could not get through this without you guys.

Okay, wait, there’s one thing I have to share with you before I go. An anecdote, just to show you how badass the old man was:

About 36 hours before he died, after he stopped being able to walk and couldn’t handle solid food and spent half the time hallucinating, my father-in-law came to visit my dad. Dad said asked FIL how he was. “Well, not too bad,” he replied, “but my wife’s getting a colonoscopy today and I’ve got one next week.”

Dad just laughed. “Man, I pity you guys!”

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Apr 7, 2011
3:03 pm
#1 Ralph Fontaine :

I’m sure I speak for all of the time travelers when I wish you the “Bon”-est of “Voyages”! Enjoy the different world you’re visiting, and when you come back, this one will be different as well (as will you, I’m sure.)

We’ll miss you, but as long as you make some posts and/or tweets now and then to let us know how it’s going, we’ll get by and live vicariously.

And here’s a plug for you…anyone who isn’t following Glynis on twitter should do so now to see what she’s up to in the Southern Hemisphere. You can follow her at: @GlynisMitchell.

Have a great time…maybe there will be at least a rough cut of the mini-sode when you get back!

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