The Light at the End of the Tunnel

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Lately, I’ve felt like I’ve been in some sort of tube system…like I’m sliding down a twisting, turning course that I have some control over, but clearly some other power has built it. It’s sort of like the luge in the Olympics, or better yet, maybe kind of like one of those mine tunnel cars like in “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.”

The point is, I had to ride a ways before I could see where it would let me out, and to be honest, at times I just sat back and enjoyed the trip instead of trying to hasten my arrival at the end. But now I see the light at the end of the tunnel, and I can’t wait to get out. I’ve been very fortunate that unlike some of my Causality colleagues, the things that have happened in my life that stole my focus for the past 2 months or so have been mostly positive. But even so, I’m anxious to get back to making real progress on creating the world of Causality, and building the audience for it. In recent weeks, some of the momentum that we had built was lost, but I have no doubt that we can get it back. In fact, though we are a bit behind schedule, the divided attentions of the team has not really hurt the project. Our website has steadily gained viewers, our Facebook and Twitter pages ( and @watchcausality respectively) have continued to add “Likes” and Fans, and people keep asking us “When will we see more of Causality?”

That’s great, and it means that we were doing the right things before we were drawn away. It also means that we must quickly deliver something worthwhile as a payoff for those who have been waiting, and that what we deliver must also build even more anticipation for the series that will come.

Luckily, we have just the thing! I will soon begin editing the Mini-sode that will introduce another major character (Dr. Genessee) and really give the viewer an idea of the time period that some of our Travelers have left to come to the early 21st century. I really am very excited about this Mini-sode, because we are using the talents of more of our team, including our amazing DP, a great Visual Effects Artist that we’re lucky to be working with, and of course, the multi-talented Carolynne Wilcox as Dr. Genessee.

Today on Twitter several people told me to just shut up and post this…so I will. I’m off to pick up some footage from the DP…Stay tuned for more info on the minisode, and Podcast from the Past. Both will be coming soon!

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