Behind the scenes on the Dr. Genesee promo shoot!

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In case you forgot it was Seattle...

Hey, Time Travelers! Last week’s exterior shoot was a blast, featuring my favorite time-traveling Doctor (played by Carolynne Wilcox) a stunning location, and fortuitous weather. If you were following @watchcausality, my Twitter, or our brand new and super shiny awesome Associate Producer Anna last week, you may have already seen some of these. Regardless, enjoy!

Sometimes a jib arm is just a jib arm.

When the sun left us, we made our own sun. Director of Photography Brian Liepe adjusts Caro’s light.

Ralph talks with his hands a lot. Here he is, discussing the shot with our special effects guy, Chad Perkins.

Caro on the monitor!

The minisode is now in post, waiting on sound and SFX, so you’ll see it soon!

All high-quality pictures copyright Anna Julia, 2011. All crappy iPhone pictures copyright me.

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