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I don’t know about you guys, but I use social media a lot. A lot. For staying in touch with my friends and family all over the world, for gathering information, for meeting people pf like minds, and for work and networking.

When connecting with people I know IRL, it’s pretty easy for me to justify why I use Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Of those three, Twitter is undoubtedly my most public voice: I hardly use FB any more and G+ is in it’s infancy. But it’s a little different with people I’ve met through networking. I’m not particularly interested in finding heaps of people to collaborate with, at least not right now. I’ve got a fantastic team and a full plate. I do love to support my webseries and local film community, though. So I follow a lot of people to keep up with their work, and I retweet them when I can.

But some of these folks are boring. So, so boring.

I don’t know about you, but when I work with people, if we’re colleagues, I like to know a little something about them personally. So I try to pay attention to folks’ interests, and pick things up. For instance, one of our favorite friends of the show loves coffee and has an adorable dog named Shyla. Another one, a single dad, always seems to be at the gym. Other run D&D games for their crew, watch horror movies, play Xbox, go to burlesque shows, eat at weird restaurants…and I love hearing about it. I love knowing that the people I “meet” online while I’m working are real folks. And knowing who they are makes it much more likely that I’ll pay attention to their stream…which makes it even more likely that I’ll want to support their projects, whether by retweeting them, following back, or donating money to their Kickstarter. An endless stream of links and self-promotion doesn’t do it for me: you have to be yourself, not just promote yourself.

Not everybody is going to do that, and I understand life is busy. But if you’re just programming your tweets with linkspam that directs me only to your website or IndieGogo page…yawn. Unfollow. I want my social media to be a little more social than that. I want a conversation, because apparently even with a hyper-social day gig and plenty of friends I don’t get enough talking.

That why I chose a picture of my GeekGirlCon tickets* to start this post: being on the Women in Webseries panel is completely a product of networking on Twitter during #webserieschat with some fantastic ladies. Getting to know them online has been a real pleasure. Meeting them in person will be even better.

How about you? Is social media a thing for you? How and why do you use it?

*Get your GGC tickets soon! They’re only $35 dollars for both days until August 1st, when the price goes up.

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Jul 28, 2011
8:31 am
#1 Becky Be :

Great post, Glynis! I started using Twitter for my business and was surprised by the personal connections I began to make with perfect strangers online. I didn’t set out to find people who enjoy pork belly or silly conversations or kitty cats as much as I do, but there they were! I have expanded my circle of friends as well as my customer base, and for that I am grateful.

Jul 28, 2011
10:40 am
#2 Dr. Ferro :

I use it for news, keeping up with friends and family, and promoting my projects as well as my friends’. Still haven’t gotten onto Twitter… does that make me primitive in today’s world? I know I need to get on there. The Internet is here to stay and filmmakers need to use all the essential tools it provides.

Jul 28, 2011
11:05 am
#3 Glynis Mitchell :

Thanks! I had a very similar experience…and you are definitely one of my favorite tweeps that I’ve met during “work hours”!

Jul 28, 2011
11:09 am
#4 Glynis Mitchell :

I like Twitter a lot because for me it’s easier to filter things and seems more conversational than Facebook (and oddly less dramatic), but there are other people I know who can’t stand it. It is a fantastic networking tool, though, and it’s easy to search for people with your similar interests.

I think you’re right that it’s essential for filmmakers (and all kinds of artists!) embrace the future of technology and interactivity. I am betting that it will not only widen our audiences but improve our art by widening our perspectives.

Jul 28, 2011
3:40 pm
#5 Kailuakitty :

Well put Glynis. I was obsessed with FB for the first year, posting my heart and soul. Then one day woke up and thought, enough already. I am much more selective. It has taken longer to find my voice on twitter but I think that it’s clicking because I finally figured out, as you say, that I just need to be myself. I’m enjoying building new relationships on my own terms and expanding some of them into IRL. I want to expand my business through social media but still trying to find my way.

Jul 29, 2011
8:42 pm
#6 Glynis Mitchell :

You’ve grabbed onto social media, though, and I love it, Kat!

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