Podcast to the Past: Muppets In Space!

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“Two ladies, talking nerdy. One guy, drooling uncontrollably.”

“So now we’ve established that Jesse and I are going to do drugs together.”

“If I were Flavor Flav, I would have to be delicious constantly.”

Join writer and actor Glynis Mitchell, composer Jesse Plack, and actress Carolynne Wilcox for Episode III, part I of PODCAST TO THE PAST, as they discuss Jesse’s terrible caffeine habit, bring up Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew of Voyager, delve into Farscape, and, of course, talk about absinthe.  They also start to talk about Carnivale, but apparently just to tease us — that’s a conversation that ends up having to wait until next time.

As an editorial aside from your long-suffering webmaster — remember how last time I got yelled at for labeling the podcast “Episode III”? Au contraire, they told me — that was actually Episode II, Part II. This next podcast is Episode III, Part I. Oh, okay, I said.

So this one opens with Jesse saying:

“This is Podcast One! ‘Cause last time we did Podcast Two because we forgot we did a Podcast Zero, so, we haven’t done a One yet.”

. . . At this point, I think they’re just fucking with me.  I swear to you, the actual show will end up being a hell of a lot less confusing than the podcast is.

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Aug 9, 2011
1:54 pm
#1 Jesse plack :

Don’t worry, I retconned that statement into canon with the intro to part 2. All is well!

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