Podcast to the Past: Rise of the Planet of the Podcast!

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“Nerdgasms can be incredibly powerful.”

“Watching dark stuff or reading dark things, when you are young and and you are going through that is so important. That’s how we learn to survive.”

Welcome back for Episode 3, Part 2! (I’m still finding this numbering scheme deeply confusing, but I’m trying to roll with it. Join writer and actor Glynis Mitchell, composer Jesse Plack, and actress Carolynne Wilcox as they discuss Carnivale, why it was canceled too soon, and why they think it would have found an audience in today’s TV climate. They narrowly avoid talking about LOST again, but they do talk about its podcast.

Stephen King is a major topic of conversation, primarily the Dark Tower series and The Stand. They delve into the importance of dark young-adult fiction, Battlestar Galactica, why
Earth 2 could make Tim Curry look like a bad actor, why the original Star Wars movies worked and the prequels didn’t, and Glynis goes on a rant about Internet memes. No, seriously, it’s a full-on rant. You may not want to have the children in the room while you’re listening to this. They might learn some new words they haven’t even heard on the playground.

All this and Star Trek: Insurrection, how some of your favorite movies nearly ended up with different lead actors, SNL, Arrested Development, and characters revealing themselves. (No, not like that.)

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