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“There ain’t no party like a time-traveler party, because a time-traveler party already hasn’t stopped.”

“You can’t de-rail a hovercraft.”

“A group of outsiders becomes a group of insiders.”

Welcome back for Part 2 of Episode IV, with co-creators Michael Montoure and Glynis Mitchell, composer Jesse Plack, and director and actor Ralph Fontaine. This time, we open the show by talking about how a discussion between Glynis and Montoure about thematic and practical concerns for a webseries led to the creation of CAUSALITY.

We discuss how most science fiction uses time travel as a “Get Out of Jail Free” card to handle plot problems, and how we’re using the idea of only being able to travel backwards in time to say something about how our lives can only move forward.

(Don’t let any of this heavy stuff throw you. The fart jokes come later.)

We discuss why Guinan was a great character, and why we wanted to cast non-Caucasian leads for our series. Ralph finally reads the full season one script for CAUSALITY, Jesse talks about artists both hating and loving their own work, Glynis talks about her upcoming panel at GeekGirlCon and about running her first marathon, and why that will be a cakewalk compared to putting together a webseries.

All this and the lowdown about what went on at my 40th birthday party, and a wide-ranging discussion about identity and labels and how we present ourselves to the world, on the latest PODCAST TO THE PAST.

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