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Pretty much since the beginning of this adventure of creating a webseries (wait- “independent television” is the new word that we’re using. It’s less limiting and perhaps doesn’t carry the stigma “web” content does.  Sorry, side rant. More on that at another time.) we’ve been saying that one of our dreams is to someday be on a panel at a Con where fans know more about our show than we do. You know, like those Star Trek fans that are constantly correcting writers and producers who don’t remember every minute detail of the show that they created. That’s what we want. One of the highest levels of validation that this whole process is worthwhile would be to have the level of fandom where someone notices more things in the show than we do.

That’s a pretty lofty goal, considering that we don’t even have a show yet. But sometimes, before our production meetings (or after them, after a couple of glasses of wine) we talk about where we might like to make appearances (Comic Con San Diego and NY, of course), what our Action Figures might look like (would they have those ridiculous muscles most of them have? No. Well, maybe if we make one of the DP, Brian…) and what camera we’ll shoot Season Two on (Red One, duh.) What can I say, we’re dreamers. And we intend to make our dreams come true.

We’re taking one of our first steps towards those goals this weekend: A couple of us from Causality will be on our first panel at a convention! The con is VCon in Vancouver, Canada (which makes it an International event.) We’re on a panel about Science Fiction webseries (Ahem, independent television) and why we make them. I’ll be going (Ralph) with our extremely awesome associate producer Anna Julia (@wrldtrvlgrl).

Sure, we’re excited to be going to the convention and representing Causality, but what’s got us going even more is the company we get to be in! We’re lucky enough to be sharing the stage with some seriously talented creators. They’re the people behind “Mind My Brains, Darling!“, “Riese“, and “Standard Action“! These are some amazingly well done shows which if you haven’t seen, you should definitely check out.

Writing this and thinking about how we’re going to be up next to these folks is making me go from excited to a bit nervous…these people have some serious cred! But it’s  great that we get to take yet another step into the world that we love.

So if you’re anywhere near Vancouver Sunday October 2, I really hope you’ll come out to say hi. Our Webseries panel is at 2PM, and we’d love to see some friendly faces!

And after our show comes out, if anyone reading this has one of those perfect memories for minute details…do us a favor and bring one up some time, just to show someone’s paying attention!

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