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I read somewhere that if you want more viewers to read your blog posts, you should write “tip” articles. Supposedly, the most read blogs are how-to’s, and advice. Based on the views of some things I’ve written, this actually seems true. Early on in this process of trying to create a webseries, I wrote a couple of articles giving advice to aspiring content creators. Two of my favorites are Focus isn’t just for the camera for about how important it is to maintain focus on your creative goals even when life gets in the way of achieving them, and The 12 step process to Webseries, also for People seemed to like them, so I told myself I’d write more as I moved forward and learned from the experience of making Causality.

But I haven’t. Why not? Probably because I don’t feel that I have any new advice to offer. I just re-read those articles that I mentioned above, and they still ring true and make me sound like I know what I’m talking about. But with that said, I’m in a phase right now where I don’t feel qualified to give advice. The truth is, the entertainment business is fickle, and even the smartest, most talented person may or may not be successful. Ultimately, I’m a positive person, so I believe that perseverance and skill will win out against the odds. But there are lots of examples that can refute my positivity. Just since getting involved with the webseries community, I’ve seen some people give up who I thought would be on the top of the pile, getting real Hollywood style funding for their shows. But they didn’t. Since these shows I looked up to didn’t make it, and I’ve been experienceing the usual (and some really unusual) challenges of trying to produce something high-quality on a minimal budget, it’s been harder to keep my upbeat attitude all the time.

So what am I going to do? Should I go read one of those advice posts? Nope, I’m writing one- but this is for me.  If my 5 ways to stay positive happen to help you, awesome! But really, I need a pep talk, and in the interest of sharing the creative process with those who are following along, I’m pep-talking myself publicly. Here we go:

Five Ways to Stay Positive

  1. Trust that everything is a cycle. If you really believed in something at the beginning, you can believe in it again (as long as the reasons you believed were the right ones.) The cycle will bring you back to the passion.
  2. Remember you have actually accomplished a lot, even if it isn’t as much as you’d hoped.
  3. Let someone else be the cheerleader for a while. Keeping others upbeat is draining, so share the burden.
  4. Let it out: Be honest about how you feel. Pretending you aren’t frustrated only makes it harder to move forward, and get back to the high point of the cycle.
  5. Know that things happen for a reason. Using even the negative experiences that come up along the way can make your final product better. Things that seem like stumbling blocks now may actually be just what you and your project needed to be their best.

Ok, that’s what I’ve got. I hope I look back in 6 months and think I had the right idea, like I did with those other articles. And as always, thanks for sharing the journey.


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Nov 7, 2011
3:22 pm
#1 Sid Kali :

Really good post. “I’m a positive person, so I believe that perseverance and skill will win out against the odds.” This one of hell of quote.

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