GeekGirlCon: Somebody bring me some ham!

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Wow. We had such a fun panel at GeekGirlCon yesterday: me, Mary Higgins, Trin Miller, Josephine Hoy, Joanna Gaskell and Vanessa Driveness, Jane Espenson, and our moderators April Grant and Amanda Shockley of Indie Intertube. Thank you so much to everyone who came out to support us! You guys are amazing, as are all these lovely panelists.

There will be video! I’ll post it next week. Today I’m trying real hard to get myself off the couch and back for the second day of the con, but between all the prep and excitement for this and also helping my partner open a bar (!) I’m so beat all I can do is try not to fall asleep.

Still. We did so great yesterday that I felt just like this.

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