“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…”

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Ok, you probably would believe it. Most people reading this have likely been to lots of cons, and think it’s odd that these 2 were my first ever. So why the headline? I’ll confess I’ve been wanting to use that quote for some time. And perhaps I could have waited until I saw something truly outrageous that you actually WOULDN’T believe. But I didn’t. I love that scene from Blade Runner, and don’t apologize for working it in here. You can count on seeing the quote again, or hearing about it on Podcast to the Past, or both. I’m counting on the fact that if you’re still reading, you don’t mind a little over-zealousness about Blade Runner, or quotes from iconic science fiction movies. I’ll leave it to Montoure to quote the more obscure lines from Dr. Who or something. (That ought to start a fight, calling Dr. Who “obscure”…)

But back to the point. I WENT TO TWO SCIENCE FICTION CONVENTIONS IN 2 WEEKS! After never having been to one ever! I have to say, they were pretty much the perfect entré to the world of cosplay, panels, and merchandise that make up a convention. And by perfect, I mean that there was a modest amount of all of those things at each one. The ubiquitous Comic Con in San Diego or New York (where my friend Ranae from Finding Bigfoot just had her first Con experience!) would probably have made my head explode. My companions (@wrldtrvlgrl for VCon and @Montoure for Geek Girl Con) can attest to the fact that I spent most of the time pointing to things and saying “What’s/Who’s that supposed to be?” They were usually characters from Felicia Day’s “Dragon Age” or from comic books that I can’t remember because I’d never heard of them, or homemade props from Dr. Who. But they were cool! I really admire the amount of time people take to make them.  If I lose a button off of a sweater, I count it as lost. These people mold plastic, weave leather, and sew fabric only to pay homage to their favorite shows and comics. I even saw a furry! Well, someone in a big fluffy suit anyway. I can’t attest to any sexual or other activity undertaken whilst he/she was wearing it. But it was a furry suit, and therefore a Furry.

By now you’re probably like “PICTURES OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN!” Well, I was too shy to take many pictures, and it didn’t even occur to me until near the end of my time at the second outing (Geek Girl Con) to ask Montoure (who would know such things) what the protocol is about taking people’s pictures. Apparently, it’s cool as long as you ask first, which I was too dorkily shy to do, especially the kinda sexy Princess Leia that turned out to be one of Montoure’s exes. Go Montoure! So say it didn’t happen if you must, but it did, and I do have a couple of lame iPhone pictures to prove it. They’re the old 3gs-so no high res, and no Princess Leia. Sorry :(

But the real point of my con-virginity-losing was the panels: one of which I was on, one on which @glynismitchell represented our show.

The Webseries panel at VCon was an amazing experience for me. I got to meet some colleagues who I’ve tweeted with many times, and whose shows I’ve admired. @ackernon, @cymerin, @worldofhiglet, @mightyjoanna and @josephinehoy were all very supportive of me and @wrldtrvlgrl, even though ours is the only show that hasn’t actually released an episode yet. I was proud to be in their company, and enjoyed seeing all of our promotional trailers back to back. Every one of them was high-quality, and completely different from one another. You can watch them all here. And we agree that rather than competing with one another for audience, we should work together to build awareness of independent television so that all of our shows will benefit. Now that’s pioneering spirit and cooperation at work! We talked about that, funding challenges, and many other things in the short time we had. Due to the last group running over and some technical difficulties getting the computer to play the clips, we only had about 40 minutes, but we enjoyed every second. The audience seemed to as well, and I was really glad that the teenage nightmare of no one showing up to your party didn’t come true. There were about 30-40 really engaged people there who asked great questions. You can watch the video of the panel here, thanks to @freyburg.

On to Geek Girl Con! This one was larger, and in my home town of Seattle, so it was an easy trek. Many of the same players from VCon were here for it, and Glynis was on the “Women in Webseries” panel with several of them, so we all planned to grab brunch beforehand. Well, it seems that Seattle bruncheries frown upon groups of 22, so that didn’t happen. Instead of omelets and screwdrivers, it was gyros and iced tea in the Seattle Center food court, but the venue change did allow me to see a few more of those aforementioned cosplayers (a term which I didn’t know about 3 months ago, BTW.)

I was a little braver, and took a couple more pictures (still no really good ones), but the highlight of the day was truly the Women in Webseries panel. The women from the VCon panel were joined by @trinmiller@janeespenson and the pair behind Indie Intertube, @destini and @shadhavare for a lively discussion that was held at the Science Fiction Museum theatre at EMP (Experience Music Project. Once again, I was really proud to have our show represented in such company, and REALLY loved seeing our promo with the others on the big screen. That was a moment to remember. Glynis and the other women showed humor, passion, intelligence, talent, and just like VCon, left the audience wanting more. Watch the promos featured here and the panel here, thanks to @ackernon. Twice, Causality was accepted with these more established shows, and several people said they can’t wait to see more.

I realize I’m sounding a bit like a proud parent here, making a big deal over what seems to others like an insignificant step taken by my offspring. But that’s ok. This particular offspring has a unique tri-parental influence, and we might just clap uncontrollably with each step she takes. There will hopefully be many more panels, Cons, and promotional events in our future with our enfant terrible, but these were the first, and therefore perhaps the most meaningful. Only time will tell what is in store, but once again, I’m glad to be raising her as part of the non-traditional parental trio, and helping to mold her hopefully into the best she can be.

Was that enough anthropomorphizing for you? I hope so. I’m exhausted. Enjoy the bad family photos…and thanks for being part of it all!

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Oct 18, 2011
5:05 pm
#1 Destini :

Was a blast meeting you! We had a great time!

Oct 18, 2011
7:21 pm
#2 Paul Best :

It wasn’t our first cons, but they were the most fun largely because of meeting such great fellow web series fanatics. Thanks.

Nov 2, 2011
10:41 am
#3 Glynis :

In total geek fashion (and because I really like the franchise), I have to correct you: Dragon Age is a video game series by Canadian developer Bioware. Felicia Day was asked to make a webseries based on it. The characters you saw were from the game, not the series.

Nov 2, 2011
10:48 pm
#4 Ralph Fontaine :

And once again, my novice status in this world is evident. Live and learn. By our 15th con, I’ll be able to classify each different subculture.

Dec 14, 2011
11:32 am
#5 Glynis Mitchell :

Heh, no problem. I just love the games, the series not so much. :/

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