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Anyone who has been following our progress for the past year (yes, it has been a WHOLE YEAR since we started this process) might have noticed that the posts have died down recently, and there’s been less activity on the site. That’s not because enthusiasm or focus has waned. In fact it’s quite the opposite. For the past several weeks, around real-world life and jobs, we have been planning for our first few days of principal photography on Season 1 of Causality!

The scenes we shot are some of the most complicated in the whole story. The area we needed to capture is wider, the amount of characters on screen is more, and the action requires more choreography than the majority of scenes in the script. All of this also requires a very specific background (which had to be secured), is all outdoors (have we mentioned we’re shooting in Seattle?), and required lots of additional grip, lighting, costume, prop, and logistical support.

So if these shots were so complicated why did we start with them? That was my fault idea. Some might say that it is a better plan to start simple, build trust and cohesion within the cast and crew, then tackle the hard stuff. Actually, I believe the opposite. I think that if you gather together a group of talented and committed people and give them a really difficult challenge, they will come together faster.

We already knew that our Director pf Photography (Brian Liepe) is one of the best anywhere, and that our principal cast (Glynis Mitchell and Gabe Sedgemore) have talent spewing out of their pores, but we still had many unknown variables: we had to cast 2 smaller but very key roles, fabricate some very detailed costumes and props, and hire additional crew members to make all of this happen.

One of the biggest challenges was securing the location. After many stressful days, we finally locked a great place with a manager who was really supportive, and happy to work with us. Glynis and I tried to convince Montoure that we were ahead of schedule by having this all nailed down a whole 36 hours before the shoot, but he wasn’t buying it. Here’s a shot of us on day one. It was wet.

As I said, Montoure was really concerned about us getting the location, but what he was MOST stressed about was finishing up some costumes he was making. They were quite challenging and detailed, took longer than he thought they would, and he had to make THREE of them. I won’t tell you what they are, but I will show you a picture of one of them…you have to watch the show when it comes out to find out who this handsome guy is and why he’s hanging around a graveyard. I think you’ll agree he’s badass, and the sleepless nights for Montoure and Christopher (@ChrisSprague, “chef”, caterer, costume assistant, and chief blood maker) were totally worth it.

Oh yeah, speaking of Christopher, he managed to tear himself away from helping to build costumes to make us a WARM FOOD for these cold shoots. And he served it out of the back of his truck. Nothing but high class for the Causality crew! Here’s our Craft Services/catering pickup. Now every production is going to want one (They should, his food, and helpfulness on set were amazing!)

Have I mentioned that this is a CHARACTER DRIVEN show? it’s not all  creepy grave-leaning dudes and injuries. Here are the best and hardest working actors in the business, all smiles, probably because it finally stopped raining.

We had a total of 22 people on set (not bad for a little indie web-show!), got some amazing footage, and proved what we already knew-that there really is something to this story we’re telling, and it manages to capture anyone in it’s orbit.

So, about my theory that doing the hard stuff first galvanizes the team: did I make the right choice to tackle such challenging stuff on our first real outing? I think so. Even the fact that one crew member proved not to be someone we want to work with again brought the team closer together. When a group of smart, talented people gets together for a common goal, nothing can stop them from achieving it. And these first 2 days of shooting brought us another really big step closer. Only about a million more steps to go, but progress is progress!

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Mar 13, 2012
10:51 pm

Can’t wait to see it!

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