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It’s audition time again! I’ve posted this on some local boards but thought I should let our Twitter and Facebook followers know too.


Some of these roles recur. To schedule an audition later this week, please email gmitchell at watchcausality.com (that’s me!) with a headshot and resume. If you send a link to a reel or website, please include a brief cover letter. Emails containing nothing but a link will be assumed to be spam. Ideally, all candidates (except minors) will be familiar with social media: we love to promote our colleagues and hope that you would love to promote us!


Character breakdowns:

James (recurring supporting cast): A likable guy with a sporty-Northwest clean-cut look. The kind of guy who works tech during the week and hikes or bikes or runs 10k races over the weekend. At the opening he is finalizing a divorce precipitated in part by the death of his only child. 30′s, probably Caucasian as we have to cast his son as well and the mother is Caucasian.

“Santa” (supporting): A holiday bellringer for charity dressed as a traditional Santa Claus. Bonus if you have a real beard and/or your own suit. Any race, 40-older.

Elijah (supporting): James’ and Holly’s very ill son (could be played by a tomboy girl with short hair). 7-10, probably Caucasian.

Grade School Teacher (supporting): A grade school teacher; looks like a very nice person. Any race, any gender, any age over 25.


Got it? Good! Tweet me with any questions!

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