Anticipating Causality-One Fan’s Perspective

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-The post below is by Matt Genovese (@mattgenovese on twitter). He’s a marketing consultant, writer, volunteer firefighter, and he’ll tell the rest of the story below, but I do want to mention that he’s one of Causality’s first fans. It’s awesome that he’s been there since almost the very beginning, and I’m stoked that he’s the first person outside of the cast or crew of the show to do a guest post. Hopefully, he’ll do some more! Click the link on his name above to check out his blog -Ralph Fontaine  


We have been hearing from the creators of Causality for months (a year?) now about the upcoming webseries, and they have done an excellent job of building our anticipation to an almost fevered pitch.  About a year ago they whet our appetites when they posted the first Mason Promo. And they made us even hungrier when they used that enigmatic logo:

As a fan I want to see this webseries, and based on the popularity of their latest youtube video, I am not alone; the video has had more than 380 views in three days.

Now, let me take a time out for a disclosure: I, most likely, come to Causality from a slightly different perspective than a lot of other fans.

I am not an uber sci-fi aficionado–although I do sometimes wish that I were.  I am nerdy enough to know that you can’t be both a Star Trek fan and a Star Wars fan (I am the latter as it was the first movie my dad ever took me to in the theater).  And thanks to Kevin Smith, I also know that there is friction between Star Wars fans and Lord of the Rings fans over the one, true trilogy.

So, if I don’t have sci-fi street cred, how do I stumble upon a time travel web series in its germination stages?  The answer is pretty simple, I knew the director when he (and I) were pimply nerds in high school.  Ralph Fontaine was the very first person I met in high school. Our lockers were next to each other and we were in the same homeroom class.

Ralph and I became friends because he and I were from somewhat similar circumstances.  We both lived pretty far from the school we attended and commuted to get there. We weren’t from the same yuppified Jersey Shore communities that the majority of our classmates were from.  We were also both somewhat introverted in a population packed with type-A personalities.

We had some differences, of course. Ralph was a surfer for one, while I never lived  close enough to the beach to know that people actually surfed in Jersey. But one of the most polarizing differences between Ralph and I was that Ralph would eat salami and butter sandwiches for lunch nearly every day of freshman year. Just the thought of that combination made me throw up a little bit in the back of my mouth…still does!

As is normal, after graduation from high school, we drifted apart.  Actually, we couldn’t have drifted much further apart geographically. I went off to college in New York City and Ralph went to LA. But thanks to the magic of Twitter we reconnected about a year and a half ago and have kept in touch ever since.  After getting in touch with Ralph and finding out what he’s been up to in the ensuing years after college I heard about Causality on his twitter stream and I have followed with great expectation waiting to see this webseries that my high school pal is working on.

And, after this blog gets posted, if for some reason one of the characters of Causality is seen eating a salami and butter sandwich in the series I am taking FULL credit for resurrecting that idea and I want a credit as a contributing writer.

I appreciate the opportunity that the Causality gang has allowed me to guest post on their blog.  Good luck with the production. No pressure, but your fans are waiting with bated breath.

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Feb 13, 2012
10:20 am
#1 Glynis Mitchell :

I vote that Mason eats a salami and butter sandwich! I have just the scene in mind, too…

Feb 13, 2012
12:58 pm
#2 Ralph Fontaine :

I just want to say that I think it’s really cool to hear Matt’s perspective on the show, on 14-year-old me, and to have reconnected with an old friend that I thought I’d lost touch with. The social aspects of online entertainment that this illustrates solidify my belief that from now on, entertainment is more interactive. The popularity of media has always depended on word of mouth, and now that word can be spread worldwide. Thanks again, Matt! Hope you post more for us in the future!

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