Help send our composer Jesse Plack on tour!

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Our music is great. And it’s all original. It helps our story make an impact in a way that we never imagined possible. And we owe it all to Jesse Plack.

We’ve talked about our fantastic composer Jesse Plack (or maybe you’ve heard him on Podcast to the Past Classic!). You’ve heard his trippy electronic themes in our promotional shorts. You’re going to hear even more of his instrumental work in Causality soon, but he’s going on tour this month and just released a new album! This guy is crazy busy and crazy talented, and we’d love it if you gave him just a little direct appreciation.

Jesse is selling his new album, Nightsong, on BandCamp for just five dollars. You can give him more, of course, but that’s a great deal for 11 tracks of some of the finest music ever created by the biggest Star Trek geek in town.

Download Nightsong here. You won’t regret it.

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