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Soooooo yesterday we released some pictures of our new Causality tshirts on Twitter*:

Awesome, no? They were made for us at a very reasonable rate by This That, a screenprinting service here in Seattle — about two blocks from my house! I highly recommend them: the shirts are a great, soft quality and the ink is cleanly rendered with no mistakes. We have Women’s (which turned out to be pretty slim cut but shapely; I’m wearing a medium in this picture) S-XL and Men’s average size S-XXL. There may also be zip hoodies on backorder…just sayin’. All are pre-shrunk.

Maybe we’re putting the cart before the horse, but since we already have stickers and buttons to just give away as swag and we wanted tees for ourselves, this seemed the way to go. We’re happy to start selling them now to our hardcore fans, but we originally planned for them to be on our table at Norwescon, where they will be cheaper than online. We actually got a double order from This That because they were super sweet and offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse. They also generously donated some pullover hoodies with the logo on the back in white and unstable mark on the front in red for us to auction off. They look just as good.

Anyway, Ralph tweeted the pictures yesterday with the hashtag #timetravelicious, which caught the attention of one nice gent who wrote what I have decided is our first piece of fan fiction. It’s lovely and abstract, and, strangely enough, makes me feel thematically the way our show makes me feel. You can catch up with him at @hashtagsongs or #hashtagsongs. Have a listen.

*Model is 35-29-42, jeans size 8-10. Mostly 10.

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Mar 12, 2012
3:48 pm
#1 Ralph Fontaine :

Where’s the boob picture?

Mar 12, 2012
3:52 pm
#2 Glynis Mitchell :

That one’s close enough, pervert.

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