Wait…what? We were nominated for WHAT?!

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We’ve obviously been out of our own loop, what with personal and professional problems, not to mention making the damned show! But GUESS WHAT.

Never mind, I’m going to tell you.

We were nominated for Best Trailer for the Second Annual Indie Intertube Awards on MingleMediaTV.com!

Since we have two promo trailers, and Ralph is editing the for-reals-and-true trailer (cut from footage on our beautiful new camera, thanks to DP Brian Liepe) pretty much as we speak, the nod must be for either the Mason or the Holly promo. Those are right on the front of our blog, so please watch them if you haven’t, and check out last year’s Q&A! Compared to what we’re working on now, the promos are heartfelt but rough, yet make our nomination an even more astounding honor.

We could not be prouder. It’s no lie: it really is an honor to be nominated. Thank you to our friends at Indie IntertubeDestini, Shadhavar, who work so hard to promote independent television, and also Mingle Media TV.

The Second Annual Indie Intertube Awards are on Mingle Media this Sunday, March 11th. Check it out!

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Mar 10, 2012
12:53 am
#1 Ahna :

…So awesome! :D Congratulations, people! I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the full trailer.

Mar 10, 2012
10:29 am
#2 Glynis Mitchell :

Thank you so much, Ahna! You’ve been one of our biggest supporters from the beginning.

Mar 10, 2012
8:43 pm
#3 Destini :

It’s for the Holly trailer!

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