Fear is the Mind Killer

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The multi-talented @glynismitchell who co-wrote the script, is co-producing the show, portraying Holly AND doing Art Direction for Causality is getting inked. Today. Perhaps as I write this, I’m not sure.

The point is, she is getting a tattoo inspired by Frank Herbert’s “Dune” series. Being a strong woman with somewhat bewitching qualities, she is understandably drawn to the Bene Gesserit. In the universe of Dune, they are highly intelligent, focused, trained women who have the ability to control their minds and bodies in a way that others cannot. This makes them an object of respect and fear by those who don’t understand them.

One of their most important tools is the Litany Against Fear. It is a mantra that allows the sisterhood, and anyone who can bring their mind and body under control through it’s meditative properties, to resist the sub-human urges contained in the most primitive parts of our brains. Through complete acceptance of the power of the Litany, one can become Human, a step removed from the animal that resides within.

Glynis is having the litany tattooed on her, as a permanent reminder of it’s power. It may be a long and painful process, like the pricks of 100,000 gom jabbar. Wish her well as she undertakes this process, and if we’re all very good, perhaps at some point she will post a picture…

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Apr 6, 2012
5:03 pm
#1 Dantastic :

Having known Glynis for 10 years I can tell you that she is in fact the Kwisatz Haderach. Y’all better behold.

Apr 10, 2012
9:48 am
#2 Glynis Mitchell :

My name is a Killing Word.

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