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We’ll be releasing our new Season 1 Trailer online this Thursday, but before we do, we wanted make sure you’ve seen our last release: “Dr. Genesee: Year 2531″. We worked hard on this prequel minisode and are REALLY proud of it, but what’s blowing us away are the comments that some people we respect have made.

The women of @indie_intertube were really complementary about the production value and about @carowilcox’s acting. We’re going to try to get a link to their show-we’ll update this post when we have it so you can have a listen.

The movie review site @DoomCheez said:

…the production values displayed not only beat a lot of the direct-to-video/direct-to-web market, but also put the hacks at Syfy (what idiot renamed that network, anyway?) to shame. Indeed, had I been shown this “mini-sode” blind, I would have assumed that it was the lead-in to a fully funded, studio produced commercial sci-fi series.” 

Wow. They said more, but that’s enough back-patting for now. Have a look for yourself. We hope that you’ll enjoy it as much as many others have, and don’t forget to check back on Thursday 4/12/12 for our Season 1 trailer.

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