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Hey, so some people have been asking where they can hear our classic (read “we did these a few months ago”) episodes of Podcast to the Past. They WERE on iTunes, but due to some sort of bullshit that I don’t understand, they aren’t there anymore. They are pretty awesome, and even if we do talk a little too much about Star Trek, you should listen to them. How would one do that, you ask? Aha! Easily! They’re all on here, the friendly home of all things Causality! Thanks to the evil web genius @montoure, there is now a PttP page where you can just scroll through (newest to oldest) and listen away!

Download & take’em with you. Stream ‘em right here in the embedded player. Whatever you like. Seriously. Let us know if you have any technical problems getting them, and we’ll do what we can to get ‘em working. Even if we have to use future tech. And if you have ideas for any topics that you think we should talk about, let us know! Special consideration given to topics about booze (whiskey specifically), boobs, boobs and/or booze in Science Fiction, Peter Dinklage (c’mon, that’s like the best name EVER), and Things Felicia Day didn’t do.

We’ll be recording more podcasts, and expect to have them available on Cazadorradio soon. More info as details are set on that. But in the mean time, check out their other shows. Whether you’re into nerd talk, Bro-downs, Blasts from the past, or random hijinks with some seriously funny folks, you’ll find a guilty pleasure to listen to. Wow. Are your ears going to be tired.

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