Summer Doldrums

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Ever heard of the “Summer Doldrums”? When the term first came to mind, I wondered if I only knew of it from my mother, who had a thing for either old fashioned sayings, or British-isms. So I looked it up. Yes, it’s really a thing, and the definition was even more descriptive of the feeling that inspired this post than the connotation that I had in mind. Here’s the exact first definition:


[dohl-druhmz, dol-, dawl-]

noun ( used with a plural verb )

1. a state of inactivity or stagnation, as in business or art: August is a time of doldrums for many enterprises.
Wow. If you just want the gist of this post, you can stop reading now. Because that definition sums up the mood in Causality world. Not by choice, let me make that clear. We’re still as anxious as ever to get more of this story shot, and can’t wait to be closer to sharing it. But we are, indeed inactive. Stagnant. Well, not 100%, but we’re not as active as we could be, so it feels stagnant. And the month of August will be a time of doldrums for this enterprise.

Why, you wonder?

Many reasons. Chief among them, our director of photography is shooting in Europe or somewhere. He’ll be back and ready to shoot in early August, but then Glynis will be learning how to light herself on fire, or jumping off of high stuff, or learning trick driving or something at the premiere stunt school in the US, which happens to be in Washington. That’s cool and those skills may come in handy in Season 2, but that doesn’t get more of Holly’s scenes for Season 1 in the can.

That’s ok, we have lots of scenes that she isn’t in, and we could MAYBE cover all the production-side stuff she does. But the actor playing Mason, Gabe Sedgemore, is in a play that runs most of August. And the actor playing Emmett (an important role you haven’t seen in any of our promos yet) doesn’t want to have a beard in the summer, and he had one when we established him in a few scenes we shot back in NOVEMBER! He also almost quit acting altogether, but that’s a story for another time. So with all those key actors out for the month of August, there are only some VFX shots left that we can get. We’ll get them, and then at least episode 1 will be 100% shot, and post production for it can begin.

So everyone’s got shit going on. And that shit is NOT Causality.

I can’t blame them, really. We should have been finished, or close to it by now. But that’s the position we’re in. We’re not paying enough for people to drop everything for us. Because they believe in the project, they keep coming back, but it’s not for the money. Every time we look at the footage we’ve shot, or read the script, see a prop that Montoure made, or talk to some of the people who’ve heard about or seen what we’ve done so far, we get excited to get back to it. But then reality intrudes, and we have to wait.

We’re not totally wasting time- we are continuing to make props, gather set dressing, location scout, plan shots, prepare more promos, strategize for festival and crowdfunding efforts, and take care of some of the not sexy behind the scenes stuff. But we’d rather be shooting. That’s the fun part. We will get back to it, and we will share a product that we are proud of with anyone who will watch it. But just not yet.

Summer Doldrums suck. Luckily, we don’t get much of a summer in Seattle. Soon, a chill in the air will appear, and we will be back to doing what we love. Hope you’ll stick with us.

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