“Web TV Night” Panel by The Film School

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We haven’t had much time to post lately, but I wanted to share this: Glynis and I were asked to be on the panel at “Web TV Night”, sponsored by The Film School. It was on Tuesday night-yes, Tuesday, Nov 6 2012. Election day. Despite the fact that most of the nation was sitting by their TV’s and computers waiting to hear election results, there was a great turnout. Unfortunately, Glynis wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t make it, but I got to moderate the panel, and share my thoughts with the other creators and the audience. I have to say, the questions were great, the best I’ve heard at one of these things. We got into some depth about creative strategies, building and audience, financing your show, and distribution plans. Wow. It was a lot.

I hear that there will be a link to a video of the event soon, but for now, take a look at the recap article written by Kristi E for more info and details about our colleagues that were on the panel. I hope to connect with these folks again and learn more from them, they were some seriously smart people who are producing great content! I was really honored to be included with them!


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