Who says it’s too early for Santa?

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OK, so I didn’t get to do a production update after our last shoot, but we’ve got another 10 pages or so in the can since my last post. Maybe more. It’s all becoming a blur. It’s a good thing that sometimes someone has a camera, and documents what we’re doing, or else we might have to rely on (shudder) our memories.

We’ve now shot the same number of days in the last month as we did in the last 11 months before that. Seriously. We shot for 6 days between Nov 2011 and September 2012. Since October, 2012, we’ve shot another 6 days. Soon to be 8, after this next weekend (Nov 17-18.)

Actually, it’s pretty cool that we’re here a year later, because now our locations and costumes are Seasonally Appropriate again. Greg Marks drew a lot of looks this last weekend dressed as a Street Santa, and some Seattle Underground tourists got a hearty “HO HO HO” as they emerged from their depths directly onto our set. But hey, it all adds to the experience for everyone, right?

As always, the crew was amazing, and the footage looks great. I’ll try to post some screen shots soon, but for now, let’s get to know some of the team, and one of our key locations…

Special Thanks to Michael Kleven  for the photos. Though he was busy as our sound mixer and boom operator, he still found time to take these great pictures.

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