Glynis Mitchell

Glynis Mitchell is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and feminist. She was classically trained in New York and Seattle. While some of her critics have compared her writing to late Polish speculative fiction writer Stanislaw Lem, and "enjoyed the process of moving from perplexity to discovery", others have found her work "discouragingly confusing". Coincidentally (or not...), that's also a perfect description of her life in general.

Glynis met her Causality co-creator Michael Montoure when she was seven and he was sixteen. With her older sister, Montoure used to write and edit a Doctor Who/Star Trek fanzine called Starbase Gallifrey. (Yeah, really.) Her clearest memory of him from that time was when he chased her down the hall of her childhood home with a rubber knife, an act foreshadowing Montoure's future as a horror writer.

She lives in an old school with a pug and a cat and spends a lot of her time drinking whiskey and being cranky and neurotic. But Glynis isn't cranky that you're interested in Causality. She's grateful and thanks you for the opportunity to share the stories she creates with her friends. Make yourself at home.

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