Michael Montoure

A lifelong Seattle native, Michael Montoure is one of the writers and producers of CAUSALITY. Although he is primarily known as a writer of horror and dark urban fantasy, he has always been drawn to time travel stories, including his favorite TV series, Doctor Who. (One of his proudest moments as a writer was having a story published in a Doctor Who anthology, How The Doctor Changed My Life.)

Besides his work as a writer, Montoure also works as a web developer and user experience designer at CourtTrax. He's created numerous websites, including the one you're on right now.

Montoure is co-writing all of the scripts for the first season of CAUSALITY with his creative partner, Glynis Mitchell. He also has been building props for the show, and creating the show's logo, publicity materials, and other graphic design work. We leave it to you to decide if this means he has finally found a project that utilizes all of his various talents, or if he's simply a massive control freak.

His writing can be found at his personal site, Bloodletters. His portfolio of web and print design work is webmutant.

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