Anna Julia

After a very long hiatus, Anna Julia is working again in her beloved film/tv world. She is a Producer and an Actor and also works as Associate Producer and Assistant Director on the webseries, Causality.

Carolynne Wilcox

Carolynne has produced, performed, written and designed poster artwork for stage productions throughout the east coast and locally. Most cherished, multidisciplinary ventures include The Poland Project (actor, writer, choreographer, graphic designer) and Dirty Little Rooms (producer, actor, graphic designer) in Baltimore, MD; The Maids (producer, actor, graphic designer – Freehold Theatre), Pandora and the Box (writer, actor, graphic designer – Freehold Theatre & Stone Soup Theatre) and Stings Like Acid (writer, actor, producer, graphic designer – New Amerikan Theatre, company member) in Seattle, WA.

Aside from two forgettable student videos, CAUSALITY marks Carolynne’s first serious foray into film work. A rabid and voracious eater of horror/science fiction since jr. high (back in the day when such devotion was cause for some pretty intense bullying), she is extremely excited to have been invited to work on this project and wears her (well-earned) geek stripes, as well as her overwhelming love for Seattle (also well-earned!) with pride.

New Amerikan Theatre:

Glynis Mitchell

Glynis Mitchell is an actor, writer, filmmaker, and feminist. She was classically trained in New York and Seattle. While some of her critics have compared her writing to late Polish speculative fiction writer Stanislaw Lem, and "enjoyed the process of moving from perplexity to discovery", others have found her work "discouragingly confusing". Coincidentally (or not...), that's also a perfect description of her life in general.

Glynis met her Causality co-creator Michael Montoure when she was seven and he was sixteen. With her older sister, Montoure used to write and edit a Doctor Who/Star Trek fanzine called Starbase Gallifrey. (Yeah, really.) Her clearest memory of him from that time was when he chased her down the hall of her childhood home with a rubber knife, an act foreshadowing Montoure's future as a horror writer.

She lives in an old school with a pug and a cat and spends a lot of her time drinking whiskey and being cranky and neurotic. But Glynis isn't cranky that you're interested in Causality. She's grateful and thanks you for the opportunity to share the stories she creates with her friends. Make yourself at home.

Jesse Plack

Jesse Plack is a Seattle based performer, composer, and producer. He is a part of the supergroup Plack, Smith and Unicorn, with whom he can be seen galavanting across the cosmos. His three solo albums feature intricately constructed songs where he not only plays each instrument himself, but records and produces each track.

Michael Montoure

A lifelong Seattle native, Michael Montoure is one of the writers and producers of CAUSALITY. Although he is primarily known as a writer of horror and dark urban fantasy, he has always been drawn to time travel stories, including his favorite TV series, Doctor Who. (One of his proudest moments as a writer was having a story published in a Doctor Who anthology, How The Doctor Changed My Life.)

Besides his work as a writer, Montoure also works as a web developer and user experience designer at CourtTrax. He's created numerous websites, including the one you're on right now.

Montoure is co-writing all of the scripts for the first season of CAUSALITY with his creative partner, Glynis Mitchell. He also has been building props for the show, and creating the show's logo, publicity materials, and other graphic design work. We leave it to you to decide if this means he has finally found a project that utilizes all of his various talents, or if he's simply a massive control freak.

His writing can be found at his personal site, Bloodletters. His portfolio of web and print design work is webmutant.

Ralph Fontaine

After graduating from the University of Southern California, Ralph lived the life of a struggling actor in Los Angeles. He performed in a few independent films, small commercials and local theatre productions, directed his first short film, then was offered a part with a children’s theater company that would bring him to Seattle. The move to the Northwest allowed Ralph to work exclusively as an actor for over a year, something he’s very proud of, despite the lack of international fame that came of it. Not long after that ended, Ralph returned to Los Angeles to work behind the camera as a producer and eventually segment director for several reality television shows that aired on MTV, The Travel Channel, and The Discovery Channel. This experience awakened the desire in Ralph to learn more about producing and directing, and return to narrative storytelling. He began working on independent projects, and returned to directing with short films and theater. In 2005, Ralph moved to New York, where he continued working in film, tv and theater both in front of and behind the scenes.

Ralph returned to Seattle in April, 2010 and has been fortunate to have had the opportunity since then to direct the one act play “Return of Helen” by Seattle author Persephone Vandegrift (who also introduced him to Causality co-creator Glynis Mitchell), which won the audience award at week one of the “Eat My Shorts” short play festival.

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